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Scenery & Wildlife Pictures from Grand Lake, Colorado!

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Like most things in life, the further you go, the better it gets!
Explore Grand County's deep and profound open space.

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Unless otherwise noted, these photos are all from the archives of Mountain Lake Properties
and taken by Scott Ready. Do you have a Grand Lake area picture which you would like to share?
Loan us a negative or slide and we will consider it for this special gallery.

a search for Grand Lake's sister village in the Himalayas

Click here for a Rocky Mountain National Park link.
It emphasizes the drier Estes Park side. It is unfortunate that the National
Park people chose to make the trail to Estes Park two miles longer than it
used to be by forcing people to walk in from the Tonahutu Creek instead
of the upper meadow in Summerland Park. Cascade Falls, Lake Nokoni,
Lake Nanita, War Dance Falls and many other attractions are also two miles
further away (each way)! Who ordered this? In the olden days, rangers routinely
rode by horse or walked from Grand Lake to Estes Park.

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