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Columbine Lake: one mile NW of Grand Lake by Rocky Mountain National Park.
In the winter, one can snowmobile directly into town or onto trails that go deep into
Arapaho National Forest and rise up to the deep snows at timberline to the West.
In the 1940's, this 40 acre natural lake had a fish hatchery. Today it is a private residential
community that is popular with families with lots of guests! There is a community pool and
spa plus attractive picnic and play areas around the lake. Some of the homes border National
Park land or Recreation District land, including the scenic 18 hole golf course. The homeowner's
association fee is $61/month. Amenities are open to all property owners, including those with
an undeveloped lot. The lake is stocked each year with trout. Canoes, paddleboats and small
sailboats are ideal. During the winter, one can snowmobile directly onto the vast system of
groomed trails and journey all the way to the tundra, or head into Grand Lake Village.
Evening trips into The Park to watch for wildlife are just a minute away. One of the many
pleasures of owning at Columbine Lake is driving to your property via Trail Ridge Road in
the summer and descending into the beautiful valley that is the beginning of the Colorado River.
You stop to look at the elk and moose and then just as you pass through the National Park
entrance and make the final descent to Grand Lake, you turn west to pristine Columbine Lake.
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The owners of Mountain Lake Properties first discovered the Columbine Lake area
in 1978 and bought a vacant home site the same year. They built a one-bedroom
honeymoon cottage and lived in it full time until their second child was born.
Thirty two years later, in 2010, with both children in college, they sold the
cabin that had engendered many fond memories. Homeowners at Columbine Lake
go through a similar cycle in which they purchase a home in which their family
can cherish the alpine setting. After five, ten or twenty years, their family has
changed and it's time to prepare the home for a new owner.

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