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MOSAIC of Interiors .... Click on each image that tickles your fancy ... and be teleported inside ... Imagine how you can give it your own personal touch.

Click on a image and discover how some interiors can be inviting and functional at prices you can afford. 
Our Home Prices are determined by primarily by their location. Off the beaten path and away from the lakes,
you can always have more space and a bigger garage.
We love our lakefront homes. If they beyond your reach, remember, we have an amazing number of public areas
for picnics, boat launching and even overnight camping by the water.
For the latter, you'll want to go boat camping to the far shores of Lake Granby.

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Send questions and inquiries via email to  relax@MountainLake.com
We prefer that you speak to us directly by telephone or walk into
our office on main street, just past the the town square and
one block from Grand Lake's public beach. Please call us:

970-627-3103    Grand County Colorado voice line (locally dial 627-3103)
866-296-1949   Toll Free nationwide
970-627-3003    Local Fax line
Send letters & documents to P.O. Box 1350, Grand Lake, Colorado 80447
Donna Ready's email address for discussing contracts is donnaready@hotmail.com

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Enjoy this media while you peacefully dream of visiting Grand Lake.

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