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Visit us on the Lake Side of The Park  ::  the Western Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.
Find us on the sunny side of the Boardwalk near the east end of Grand Lake Village! 
1133 Grand Avenue  B1350, Grand Lake, Colorado  80447-1350

Call us with questions about anything that interests you around Grand Lake, Colorado: 970-627-3103
Donna's direct line: 970-531-3333. 
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  • Do your want to explore on your own? Our office can give you maps showing
    listings from all offices that we update every week or two. The Grand Lake real estate
    market is very active. We are the western gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.
    Grand Lake is the only village with the Continental Divide trail running right through it.
    The Indian Peaks Wilderness Area is close by along with National Forest trails that
    one can snowmobile to directly from downtown. We have family oriented hiking trails
    and boat launches along Lake Granby and Shadow Mountain Lake within the Arapaho National Recreation Area.
    We are 40 minutes from Winter Park & Mary Jane skiing. In the summer, these
    areas are very popular for mountain biking. Higher up, there are pristine wilderness
    areas that interconnect all the way from central Colorado to the Wyoming border.

    When you come to Grand Lake, you step into a region with a restorative power
    that envelops you from the tops of the mountains to the bottoms of the valleys
    and all flowing lines in-between.  You can feel a freshness in the air that invites
    one to expand out and become absorbed in a larger scene.  A song, a symphony
    pours out from the mountains, air and water.  Birds take flight. Fish jump. 
    In the depths of night with only the faint sound of creek and a million stars out,
    one can sense the heart of the universe and feel its beat in the protective
    corner, the little Rivendell that you have been fortunate to be cocooned in, this moment.

    Gazing into the sky and along the edges that form the high mountain rim of Middle Park,
    one feels secure and safe in this little pocket called Grand Lake.  Reveries carry one
    back into ancestral times with the ancients looming like giants and making patterns in the stars.
    We have many reminders all around of how our inhabitants match our mountains.
    While a bear ambles across main street, three moose look on, five foxes scoot by and a crow nods.

    The Grand Lake area gives you its natural blessings.
    The strength that builds the mountains courses right through your veins
    along with a female-like strength that melts the snows and sends water
    cascading down to fertile fields. Every year we have new trees,
    more aspen and more variety than ever before. When you come,
    you step into an incubator for new growth surrounded by National Forest
    and National Park lands. It takes a huge county like Grand County
    with a great wall of mountains protecting the outer rim of its borders
    in every direction to create one of several thriving pockets in Middle Park.

    May Grand Lake infuse you with her goodness,
    May Baldy shine the way,
    we hope you enjoy your stay
    and choose to linger a little longer,
    to taste the air and feel the Earth living
    and breathing through the centuries.

    The high rampart of mountains that makes Middle Park an Island in the Rockies
    has protected land also on the far side of the ridges where Grand County meets
    Boulder County, Routt, Jackson, Larimer, Gilpin, Clear Creek, Summit and Eagle!
    Grand County has this astonishing array of neighbors making Grand County
    a deep inner pocket, a Middle Park rimmed with alpine gardens. 

    Come down from the high slopes like water running to Grand Lake,
    laughing, giggling and murmuring all the way .  .  .  .  . .
    The the lake one can spread out in any direction and continue for miles
    seeing different glens in every direction.  

    Mothers and guardians of Earth have wound their hands all the way
    around to form a protected pocket within that acts as both a nest
    and a treasury, a place of healing in touch with old ways that continue to this day.
    Grand county has become a living natural sanctuary that can take a full
    days drive or ride across in one direction. Having gone from one far end
    to the other, you'll want to roll back and settle in one of the pockets.


    Luck  . . .  serendipity ... relatives ... everyone has their way of getting to Grand Lake.

    Now that you have found this Shangri-la, we hope you tap in, drink deep, drink long.
    Mountain Lake Properties has been at its pedestrian friendly boardwalk location
    near the end of Grand Lake's main street for 26 years helping people Find Their Place in the Mountains.
    The owners (Scott and Donna Ready) purchased a vacant lot at Columbine Lake in 1978 and started
    building their year-round honeymoon cabin there in 1979 (after moving from Boulder, Colorado).
    "We have raised a family and are now completing our 3rd and final home in the Grand Lake area.
    Years ago we upgraded a cabin in town (which is now rented from month to month). We have a
    second cabin which we hope to improve in the years ahead to make available for visitors as they
    get to know the area. For over 30 years we have been involved in all phases of construction
    and have worked with a great many families who typically purchase or build a vacation home
    when their children are young. After 5 to 10 years of making memories, their home is typically sold
    (to help pay for college expenses) and passed on to a new family, unless the owners are fortunate
    enough to keep their home as a legacy property. Thanks in part to the protected National Park and
    Forest around Grand Lake, people can return to the same places where fond memories began,
    as if time had stood still.

    Savor the views from the decks of private homes. Peruse custom interiors by builders and
    Grand Lake enthusiasts. Enter our Scenery Gallery and take a virtual hike.
    We are in the Heart of Grand Lake Village on the sunny side of the boardwalk.
    Mountain Lake Properties specializes in Second Homes and Vacation Cabins
    This web site is designed to save you time and to help you plan your visit.
    For additional information send e-mail to

    This site was placed on the World Wide Web on May 1, 1996 with 400 pages on its opening day.
    Text and structure "look & feel" are copyrighted.
    Please do not save photographs without explicit permission
    from Mountain Lake Properties. telephone: 970-627-3103

    Grand Lake Village is coupled to enduring cycles of time that come with
    being in a bouquet of National Treasures, Forests, Lakes, curious people and
    wonderful wild animals.  Compared with other places, time has slowed down
    to make it easy for you to get on and off for as long as you wish.
    The time has come for your home’s inner worlds to tap into the long
    ranges of time that sustain Grand Lake’s environment.
    7000 days have passed since this website
    came online to escort you inside mountain homes, to savor their views,
    and to walk out and into the scenes to the outer-limits of obscure trails.
    We love helping families find their second homes to have their spirits
    lifted and their horizons expanded until they are ready to let the
    Grand Lake boost send them off into the next stages of their lives.
    We are a town that time has forgot in an Island in the Rockies
    called Middle Park. We have no chain stores or franchise restaurants.
    We have hitching posts, wooden board walks and mom n' pop shops.
    On close inspection, there's plenty of action: world class theater,
    community events, recreation, museums and Internet access.
    We are integrated vertically from the stars down to our clear water
    and the bedrock below with wheels turning within wheels aiding and
    abetting each other. Each visitor and resident fills in the gaps to
    make it all just right with everything in its time and place.
    Let time be your friend.

    Tolkien has his fabled Middle Earth. Garrison Keillor has Lake Wobegon.
    Here we have the real thing played out in Middle Park with Grand Lake
    set in a northeast quarter. There are three large areas in Colorado rimmed
    with high and snowy mountains. They are called North Park, Middle Park
    and South Park.

    The time has come for the microcosm that is your home to tap into worlds around
    Grand Lake that run on long ranges of time. From the hearth of each home to the
    greater community of Grand Lake, there are currents that can give you a friendly tap
    into the long range cycles of Rocky Mountain National Park and beyond to the starry nights.

    Time has seemingly left us behind because we are on geologic time. 

    In the winter, we are near the end of a road on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains
    from which there are a thousand side roads and paths spreading out like our thousand streams reaching up to the sky.
    To experience it fully, go beyond the road and deep into Rocky Mountain National Park,
    The Indian Peaks Wilderness, Never Summer Wilderness, Vasquez and a vast area of
    National Forest land that has old roads that one can use for motorized travel.

    In summer, Grand Lake is a popular destination for nature lovers driving through Rocky Mountain National Park.
    In the winter, enjoy the 90 minute drive from Denver to the alpine skiing mecca of Winter Park/ Mary Jane over dramatic year-round Berthoud Pass. The deep fresh snow is the price for living in skiing paradise. From Winter Park, it is a scenic 40 minute drive away from traffic through Fraser and Granby to Grand Lake. Before you reach Grand Lake, there are waterfront and lake view opportunities in real estate along Lake Granby with views out across the Continental Divide that put you in the middle of the action - summer, winter, fall and spring. Over one hundred miles of World Class groomed snowmobile trails begin in the National Forest lands just west of Lake Granby, the largest of our three great lakes. When you own your own home in these mountains, you can time your driving to Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs or wherever business call when the roads are most likely to be clear and open. We have a weather station and frequently post updates on what the weather has been doing, especially after we get a fresh foot of powder snow.

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