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Grand Lake, Colorado Screensaver to transport you to Colorado's Four-Season High Country!

Click here to enter the cloud and » go directly to the screensaver file.

Click on the download button and your software should give you an indication of
how quickly the file is downloading. It might first ask where you want to save it
and/or whether you want to simply open it or run it after it downloads.
Because it is an exe file, your computer might give you warning flags which you should ignore.
The file should be date stamped 10:43 am, February 12, 2012.
The file is approximately 70 megabytes in size.

This screensaver is compatible with all Windows computers.
If you have difficulties, or just want to rave, write to relax@MountainLake.com

Apple-Mac users can enjoy the videos at the 2GrandLake YouTube channel.
Our embedded videos use flash and show as Swiss-cheese on a Mac.

After the screensaver setup file is downloaded, you click on its name for it to automatically
be installed.You'll see a prompt for setting how long your computer is idle or waits
before the screensaver comes on.

Click here to enter the vault and » go directly to the screensaver file.

To manually switch the screensaver on (or off), minimize some of your open windows
and then right-click on a blank portion of your main Windows desktop.
A small menu will appear next to where you right-clicked. It has a choice
at the bottom called "Properties" that you need to left-click.
A "Display Properties" window will appear with file like tabs running across its top labeled
Background, Screen Saver, Appearance, ..., Settings.

(These directions are for Windows XP computers. For Windows 7, scroll down a little for particulars.)
Click on the Screen Saver tab. In the middle of its window you'll see a narrow box labeled Screen Saver
with your current choice of Screen Saver written in the box. It might say "none".
Click on this box (or its down arrow) and from the alphabetic list,
select the one called MLPfeb2012 or a later release.

Just below the Settings and Preview buttons you can adjust how long your computer is idle
before your Screen Saver is activated. (You may test the saver immediately by pressing the Preview button).

Windows 7 users: right click on a blank area of your desktopand in the small window that appears,
click on the bottom choice called Personalize. Along the bottom (below the themes) you'll see
icons for Desktop Background, Window Color, Sounds and Screensaver.
Click on Screensaver (lower right corner) and a window will open were you get to set
how long your computer Waits for inactivity before the screensaver comes on.
You will also be able to choose which screen saver you want to run or none.
Our most recent screensaver is called Mlpfeb2012.
Move your mouse to turn off the screensaver.

For details on how to visit some of the locations, scroll down to the virtual hikes in the scenery section
of www.MountainLake.com

The feb2012 in the file name is for February of 2012.
The numbers in the file name will help you pick the latest version.

If you download an update*, be sure to note where it lands or tell your computer to "open" it |or "run" it
as soon as it is downloaded. (When installing any software, it is recommended that you first save your work
and close all open windows.) After the file is downloaded, go to the folder that has the file with the appropriate name
and double click on the file name.

Pick the latest version of the screensaver according to the date in its file name. This same name will occur in the
standard Windows menu for picking screensavers and setting the number of minutes of idle time before the
screensaver starts.

Later versions will have a new name, e.g. Setup MLPdec2012.exe for a December, 2012 release.
Older versions can be deleted.
ONE more essential NOTE ... We are often asked for permission to use
our photos for both commercial and private projects. Here is the standard rule.
Photos (and videos) can be used only if they are given a photo credit that reads
as follows: photo courtesy of www.MountainLake.com
For web applications, this photo credit needs to be a working link.
In print, it must be legible without using strong reading glasses.

You will not be able to save individual photos from the screensaver.
If you see a photo that you could use in a project, write to
relax@MountainLake.com with a detailed description of the photo.
We will then send you its high resolution original which can
be used as you wish, after you give it the proper photo credit.

Below are older instructions from when the screensaver was on our web server.
They probably are not important ... however ... if you have difficulty and a
geek in the family, read on ....

If you can't get the file to download or install, your computer probably
has a security feature turned on that is blocking it from running the
screensaver's exe file. It would be difficult and wordy to explain here
what sort of messages every computer might say. You are welcomed to
email us at
relax@MountainLake.com for assistance (or call our office
at 970-627-3103 for help). Or have a youngster help you; he or she
may know more about your computer than we do.

Be sure the file is saved with its exe extension for an application.
Some browsers attempt to save the file with an htm or html extension.
If that happens accidentally, there is no harm, but it will not open
properly. You can manually rename the file by setting the .exe at the
end of its current name
. (If you see strange code, the file still has the htm
extension and your brower is trying to show the digital data in the photographs
as a web page. The strange code is harmless. It it occurs, close the window and
start over by RIGHT CLICKING
on the link above and selecting the "Save Target As..." option.)

Be sure to note where the big file is going to be sent by your
computer. It will probably be the same folder to which your most
recent download was sent. You can manually specify the
folder in which the file is to land. You might also have the
option of telling your computer to "open" the file as soon as
it is downloaded. (When installing any software, it is
recommended that you first save your work and close
all open windows.) After the file is downloaded, go to
the folder that has the file with the appropriate name
and double click on the file name to open it. The screensaver
will install and be ready to run in a minute or less.

For visitors to our office, we have a limited number of
screensaver CD's to use as a stocking stuffer for yourself or friends!
We are located on the last block of Grand Lake's short main street.
Look for us on the sunny side of the boardwalk.

After the screensaver has been installed, you no longer
need the CD or the file you downloaded. Pass the CD along
to friends and family. The install program will take care
of the next few steps automatically. To make changes later,
you need to do the following.

For details on how to visit some of the fabulous locations shown
in the scenes, do the virtual hikes in the
scenery section of
www.MountainLake.com. Also visit our
archived scenery page.

This credit must be a working link if the photo is used on the Internet;

Happy Trails!

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Please do not save photographs without explicit permission from Mountain Lake Properties.
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