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Stretch your legs at the base of Berthoud Pass at a curiously named campsite called Robbers Roost.
Your pets and family may like the break. There are 11 sites for picnics or camping. The season is short,
so if the gate is open, you are in luck. There is one bathroom. There is no parking for vehicles with trailers.

A quick indication of a forest's moisture is its abundance of mosses, lichens and mushrooms. 
A quick pullover into the curiously named Robbers Roost campsite at the base of Berthoud Pass
near Winter Park gives you a glimpse into one of the wettest natural areas in Colorado.
After passing it up many times we finally pulled into the campground to take a peek.
Directly below is a colorful assortment of mushrooms we discovered on a picnic table.
Scroll down for a quick tour of the hideaway.

Scroll down to zoom out and see around the campground.

Scroll down to see more of the drawing in a corner of the photo above.

Scroll down for a wide view of the setting in Robbers Roost.

Scroll down to look down the campground road. There are just eleven sites here. They are maintained by the
Winter Park Fraser Valley Lions Club. There is one central bathroom. No electricity. Freshest water (for pets and cooking)
is in the nearby creek. Scroll down for photos. At the bottom of this page are three photos from around the  Idlewild campground
which is just before you get to Beaver Village and the town of Winter Park.

Scroll down to see the remnant of a great tree.

Scroll down to see the beginnings of the Fraser River off to the left.

Scroll down to look upstream.

Scroll down for three more views in August. Each month is completely different.

Scroll down for three photos around the  Idlewild campground which is just before you get to Beaver Village and the town of Winter Park.
The beautiful bike trail from Winter Park to Fraser runs right though it as it passes near the river.

Fraser River by the Idlewild Campground in National Forest land between the town of Winter Park and the ski area.

Thanks for stopping by.  Below are links to additional attractions on Berthoud Pass.

Current Creek: last big pullout near top of Berthoud Pass.
Alternate scenic route past an alpine lake to Broome Hut in next basin over. Peaceful stream video to be added soon.

New Feature for August of 2014: short Family Side trips along the Grand County side of Berthoud Pass.

See the just built in 2013, Broome Hut above Second Creek (mile marker 240). It's open to visitors. Make a reservation.

Video plus tips for letting gravity be your friend while driving over Berthoud Pass.
Gallery of scenes along the road ...

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