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Each link below will open a PDF file that will give you a full leaf of the magazine.
Each leaf is four magazine pages. On your screen it will look like facing left and
right side pages. To see the back side of the leaf, you need to use the page button
at the bottom of the Adobe Reader. The button will say "1 of 2" or "2 of 2" depending
which side of the leaf you are viewing. There are now FOUR leaves; see below for the
download link to each leaf. To see the leaves properly bound as a magazine with
the correct pages facing each other, come to our office or look for our magazine
at the Grand Lake Chamber, the Winter Park Chamber, the Granby Chamber
and few more locations (like the big grocery store south of Granby)..

There may be a long delay after you click to download. Your computer
has to start up its PDF reader. At the bottom of the window it will say
"Transferring data from .." After viewing a leaf,
use your back button to return here or start up a new Mozilla or Internet explorer
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Click here to download the leaf with the Front and Back covers.

Click here to download the first leaf for the inner pages.

Click here to download the magazine's Centerfold page.

After a file loads into your Adobe reader, be sure to view both sides of each leaf.
Printing your own version is welcomed. Be sure to print each leaf in LANDSCAPE format (not portrait).
You will also want to use an 11"x17" paper size, however Adobe will reduce it to regular paper size
(in fact, it will do so automatically, so be sure to specify the 11x17 tabloid size if you can).
If you have to resort to regular paper, you'll need a magnifying glass. Electronic readers from cell phones
to Kindles can display the big PDF files and let you move around and zoom in and out with ease.

SAVE each leaf of the magazine after it completely downloads so that you can return to it
at your leisure without having to download it all over again. If an update is made and you save it,
it will over-write your older version. Know where the Internet saves your downloads.
You can specify that sort of thing and/or move downloads to convenient folders for later use.

If you cannot make it to our office near the east end of Grand Lake's boardwalk and would appreciate
having a printed copy of our Wish Book, send your regular mailing address to
Let us know what is on your wish list. We can include maps and individual property flyers.
Service can be fastest if you call directly: 970-627-3103

Our 2014 Calendar with Grand Lake area images is off to the printer.
Visit us on the boardwalk around Christmas or New Years and ask for it.
If you cannot visit soon, send your mailing address to and
we will have it in the mail to you when it is ready. We also have a compressed online digital version.
It is chocked full of events and photos that you can zoom in on.
Click here to
download 2 megabyte PDF called 2014Calendar.pdf
Scroll down to see each month. Enjoy.
Put it on your Smart Phone!
After it shows on your screen, save the file directly on your device where you can find it quickly.
While the supply lasts, ask for a professionally printed version when you visit our office.

What is it about Colorado? In a word, mountains; in two words, mountains
and water. Here in Grand Lake at the headwaters of the Colorado River, we have both
in abundance. Human affairs change rapidly, whereas mountains are constant, creating
pockets of moisture and an invigorating atmosphere. Humans yearn for dependable things
that don't need changing. A great many people live in Colorado east of the edges of the
mountains from Fort Collins to Boulder to Denver to Colorado Springs. They can see
the mountains, yet they know they are not in them, experiencing them. Regardless of
whether one's primary home is large or just an apartment, there grows in one's heart
the desire to have a refuge in the mountains closer to natural waters and sky where
one can recharge one's batteries and enjoy the pleasure of simply being in the mountains
with family and friends.

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enjoying your property right away. Cut Out the Middlemen! Owner Financing is all you need
to reduce costs and and gain a whole season of access to the property you desire.
Many owners are ready to sell and finance with 20+% down and a credit check.

Thank you for listening.

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