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Six Seasons of Grand Lake, one full revolution around the Sun  ::   <  | d^6 | u > =  < | I | u >  =  <  | u >   +  variations of 2nd order or  higher . . . .


Season One :: January ~ February
Extended Version . . . . . continued from Six Seasons

In the great meadows, mice and moles sleep in their burroughs
while foxes and coyotes pad the snow overhead. 
Mothers pray for their children to sleep quietly while the sounds
of sniffing and panting slip through the snow and into the ground. 
When a cold snap comes with temperatures well below zero Fahrenheit,
the mercury pulls back into the bulb at bottom of its vessel
and waits for warmer days to bring it back out.
Time-itself slows down and brings to a close ancestral lines
of bacteria, insects and fungi.  A great cleaning happens.
Time appears to stop while Ouroboros continues with its looping of materials full circle
through its five kingdoms of Plants, Animals, Protista, Manera & Fungi.
Ouroboros continues moving materials through hidden kingdoms
along pathways too small in size or too expansive in time to see them well. 
Living and breathing forms exist most everywhere, in varying measures,
according to the temperature, pressures and space available.

  Season Two :: March ~ April

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Send questions and inquiries via email to  relax@MountainLake.com
We prefer that you speak to us directly by telephone or walk into
our office on main street, just past the the town square and
one block from Grand Lake's public beach.

970-627-3103    Grand County Colorado voice line (locally dial 627-3103)
866-296-1949   Toll Free nationwide
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Send letters & documents to P.O. Box 1350, Grand Lake, Colorado 80447
Donna Ready's email address for discussing contracts is readydonna@gmail.com

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Enjoy this media while you dream of visiting Grand Lake.

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