Welcome, Grand Explorers! This series is all about getting to the top
of 12,007 foot Mount Craig, affectionately known in Grand County as
"Mount Baldy". It may not seem like a particularly high mountain compared
with Colorado's 54 peaks over 14,000 feet high, but it is indeed a significant
challenge and to me, as rewarding. Click here or on a photo to see some maps.
Scroll down for some high points.

Up close, Mount Craig is much
more complicated than it seems from a safe distance down by Grand Lake.
The mountain gives one some of the best views of Grand Lake and
the northern end of Shadow Mountain Lake (shown below).

The Journey to Mount Craig/Mount Baldy takes you to the pristine
headwaters of Grand Lake and the Colorado River.

Peaceful alpine lakes run along the base of the mountain.

Photo directly above shows Lake Verna, Spirit Lake and 4th Lake as
seen from part of the way up Mount Craig. Click on the photo to start
an in-depth journey up the mountain with route guidance.

Click here for archived images of Baldy from the Grand Lake area.

Click here for a second set of images of Mount Craig Mount Baldy.

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