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Scroll down for many more views. Click on a photo to return to the views of Baldy from the north end of the lake.

Views directly above and below are from a large and almost hidden park located where the Colorado River
rushes into Shadow Mountain Lake. To get here, look for the Pine Beach sign near the south side of the bridge
over the river on Highway 34. This is north of the Route 66 turnoff into the Green Ridge Campground area
and boat launch. It's a great place to view wildlife and to see cattails (which are rather uncommon at 8,400').

Click on photo to return to the North end of Shadow Mountain Lake.

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We have our own channel now to bring Grand Lake to you.

Ready for a Road Trip? Click here for the Summer Route to Grand Lake
via Trail Ridge Road over Rocky Mountain National Park ... from Estes Park.

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Enjoy this media while you peacefully dream of visiting Grand Lake.


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