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View of cabin's setting from across the greenbelt along Columbine Creek. Scroll down for closer views and a map of the setting.

Columbine Lake area A-frame at the end of Primrose Lane and across a greenbelt with a stream
frequented by moose. You'll love the peaceful and serene views of Mount Baldy from this secret
little corner. 1360 sq. ft.; two bedrooms plus a large loft. Attractive wood floors.  $189,000
Columbine Lake: Lot 3, Block 5.  #228 Road 4943  (Primrose)

Scroll down to see the view to Mount Baldy to the left from the deck. Click on a photo to see inside.

Scroll down for a map of the setting and also the view on a snowy day. There are large windows on the sloping sides of the cabin facing Mount Baldy.

Scroll down for a wider view of the setting. Click on a map to see inside the home on the lot to the right shaded in blue-green.

Scroll down to see Mount Baldy on a snowy day to the far east from the deck.

Scroll down to look across the greenbelt a few feet from the cabin.

Click on photo to see inside the home with this setting. You can walk down to Columbine Creek (just visible) from here.

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