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The Telephone Area Code for Grand County is 970

Important Reverse Cell Phone Calls for Emergencies: go to to sign up.
This will notify locals and vacation homeowners by cell phone if a drastic event is affecting their homes.

Do you have working carbon monoxide detector(s)? Do place 1 within 12 feet of each sleeping area.

Speed Index: Rentals & Lodging, Builders, Excavating, Handymen/Remodeling,
Log Homes, Real Estate, Snow Plowing, Tree Services, Well Drilling.
For additional lodging, restaurant and other recommendations, jump to the
Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce Directory of Businesses

Click here to reach the very useful Grand County Government site.
It has links to the building department and almost all county offices.

Click here to Visit other web sites featuring Grand County (use back button to return here)

This Web Site Yellow page is a courtesy of Mountain Lake Properties. There are many
competitors for the services listed here. We are not responsible for the individuals
and companies listed. Feel free to ask for references. The services shown here have been used
in the past by other property owners. This list is updated several times a year. Please share
with us your own recommendations.
Please let everyone know that you learned of their business through us!
Telephone numbers beginning with 627, 887, 726/722, 725 and 724 are respectively in Grand Lake,
Granby, Winter Park, Hot Sulphur Springs and Kremmling.
531 and 509 are the prefixes for many local cell phones, so those are local numbers as well.
Dial the area code 970 unless you call from a local telephone. Zip Codes: Grand Lake 80447, Granby 80446

EMERGENCY: Dial 911 and give your address. Poison: 800-332-3073

AIRPORT: 970-887-9926 (hangar)

ANIMAL CONTROL (for Adopting Pets and for calling the Dog Catcher) 970- 887-2988

APPLIANCE REPAIR: Larry at Alpine Appliance 970-726-4639; Jimbo

APPLIANCES (new or used): Gambles - showroom along Granby's main street: 970-887-3335
If you no longer want your old appliances and they still work, they may pick those up; call and ask.

Kevin McClain 970-531-6144;
Doug Doudna 970-627-8462; Grand Appraisal 970-724-9387;
Jim Kroepfl 303-585-0054

ARCHITECTS:  Munn Architecture-Scott 970-887-9366; Jim Pool 970-887-2200; Alan Carter 970-887-3003;
Brad Hajim 303-895-5242

Steve Bonifas will come to you: 970-509-0705; Wrangler Tire & Tune 970-887-3144 (snow tires too)

BACKHOE WORK: See Excavating.

BANKS: Grand Mountain Bank 970-887-1221 for loans and 970-627-9500 for banking in Grand Lake;
U.S. Bank: 970-887-3361. See Loans.

BOAT RENTAL & REPAIR: for Grand Lake - Grand Lake Marina 970-627-3401.
Shadow Mountain Lake: Trail Ridge Marina 970-627-3586;
For boat rental on our largest lake, Lake Granby: Beacon Landing 970-627-3671

BUILDERS: The County Building Department can be very helpful.
Ask for references and ask each about whether they carry builder's liability coverage.
Steve Spencer of Hi Country Construction 970-531-0852;
Big Valley Construction 970-887-1533 (big web site too!);
Erik Alander 970-531-8694; RHCC - Rick  970-531-7634; Chillcoots - Mark 970-531-3470;
Grand Lake Log Homes 970-887-2849; Peggy Lenahan at Canyon Construction 970-531-2429

BUILDING DEPT for Grand County: 970-725-3255. For building inspections, call 970-725-3300.
Click here for » instructions and guidelines for obtaining a building permit.
Click here to apply for a building permit.. or .. fill out the following PDF.


CABLE TELEVISION: Comcast 888-824-4010, 585 E. Agate Ave., Granby

CAR RENTALS: "Avalanche" - Janet Hickox 970-887-3908

CAR WASH: first right as you enter Grand Lake -= a block down on your right

CARPET CLEANING: Rocky Mountain Chem-Dri 970-627-2445

CARPET LAYING: John Schrop 970-531-8847


CARPET STRETCHING: John Schrop 970-531-8847; also tile laying, small carpet repair: Ed Beckerle 970-531-1604

CATERING: Carey at Daven Haven 303-921-5334;  Bare Bones BBQ - Tara and Keith Everhart 970-531-0716

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE: Grand Lake 970-627-3402; Granby 970-887-2311;
Winter Park 970-726-4118

CHIMNEY SWEEP (and duct cleaning) Grand Sweeps 970-887-2474; Clean Sweeps 970-726-9581.

CHIROPRACTOR: Drs. Jeff & Debbie Shaw 970-887-3131

CLEANING: Barb Laforge-Edwards 303-725-5068 ; Jean Oviatte 970-531-7512; Karen Rempel 970-627-8417

CLEAN-UP of property, outdoors as well as indoors Bob Adams 970-627-0096

COMPUTER HELP - new and repair and assistance: Steve Wagor 720-202-2645
Holly Wood  at High Country Cellular at 373 Highway 40 in Granby 970-557-4444  hccellularelectronics. com

COUNTY COURTHOUSE & SERVICES: Click on this link for an awesome resource!
Switchboard can be reached at 970-725-3347 and will connect you with the proper extension: Planning/Community Development 5;
Public Trustee 3; Treasurer (Tax Department) 3; Motor Vehicles 1; Road & Bridge 0; Assessor 4; Clerk and Recorder 7.
Direct line to the Building Department is 970-725-3255  6. j 3357
Courthouse address is 308 Byers Ave., Box 239, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451

DIVISION OF WILDLIFE (for reporting wild animals in distress) 970-725-6200

We at Mountain Lake Properties often know of families who have just purchased who need furniture. Ask Donna at 970-531-3333 or donate to
Mountain Family Center at 970-557-3186 is in Granby, across from the 7-11. If they have a family in need of furniture, they will take it. They accept food and warm clothes.

The Theatre in Grand Lake will consider taking appliances and furnishings for the actors' living quarters and other items for props, etc. Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre
Ask Carolyn Alcorn 314-707-1900,

Changes Thrift Store next to the Safeway takes furniture 726-4222 #45 Road 804 in Fraser

Trinity Church 970-627-3510 takes food and clothing. Turn by Grand Lake Hardware and take a right.
Grand Angels may be able to accept items.

Samuel at Winter Park Christian Church 970-531-9799 9/13 just call Samuel and he will probably need furniture, clothes etc. 

Church of the Eternal Hills 970-887-3603 sometimes accepts items.

Thank you for not throwing these items away. Local families will appreciate and use them..
If  no one will take the items, cal Darrell Pritt at 970-712-8095 and he will haul them away at a reasonable charge.

DRYWALL: Mountaintop Drywall - Jon Raftshol 970-531-3499

ELECTRIC COMPANY: Mountain Parks Electric 970-887-3378, Box 170, Granby

ELECTRICIAN: Ray at R & R 970-531-0544; Jeff Hauck 970-531-2317;
Grand Lake Electric & Heating: 970-627-8215; John Kruse 970-531-4703.

EMERGENCY: Dial 911 and give your address. Poison: 800-332-3073

Important Reverse Cell Phone Calls for Emergencies: go to to sign up.
This will notify locals and vacation homeowners by cell phone if a drastic event is affecting their homes.

EVENTS for our area:
Call or stop by to pick up our 2017 Grand Lake Almanac; it's free! Fun groups to join for socializing are at the end of this list.
(Location to lease to hold events by the lake: Western Riviera 970-627-3580)

EXCAVATING: Todd at ATH 970-778-0329; Tom Mullinex 970-531-2436;
Keith Everhart 970-531-0716; Thompson & Sons 970-887-3710.
Small Equipment: Clive Smith 970-531-6984

FENCING (Ask first whether you need a permit, especially if your property is in a homeowners' association.)
Tickle My Fencing 970-531-7071

FIRE: For Emergency, Dial 911. For information: Grand Lake Fire Protection District 970-627-8428
To obtain a permit to burn and see the regulations: 970-887-2123

FIREWOOD: Clive Smith 970-531-6984; Grand Lake Log Homes 970-887-2849

FLOORING: Grand Valley Flooring (Bobbie & Ted) 970-627-0146

FLOWERS: Stalk Market 970-627-3336

FOREST SERVICE: Arapahoe National Forest 887-4100, Highway 40 between Granby
& Sol Vista. Camping permits are required for the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.

FROZEN PIPE PREVENTION: To prevent future frozen pipes, install hot line
(works on roofs, too). Call Blair Corder to order 970-887-2980 and Gary Watson to install it: 970-531-5125.

FURNACE REPAIR & INSTALLATION: Do you have a working carbon monoxide detector?
Granby Heating & Sheet Metal 970-887-3889; Dustin Entz: 970-531-1104

FURNISHINGS for your mountain home: located along the boardwalk
Whispering Pine: 970-627-8010; Humphrey's gifts and Home Decor: 970-627-8939


GOLF COURSE: Grand Lake 970-627-8008; Pole Creek near Winter Park 970-726-8847; Grand Elk by Granby 970-887-9122

HAIR, etc. Manes to Tame: Heidi Gardner 208-272-0623 (text or call) or Holly Moore for mani/pedicures;
Nancy at Apres Ski 970-376-5068

HANDYMEN: Ask about liability insurance and ask for references.
Ken Stasco 303-519-3795; Mark Brennan 970-531-8134; Bret Douglas 303-525-7677; Tom Larva 970- 627-9853;
Darius Reventus 970-531-7935; Kevin Reynolds 531-8949.
Also see Remodeling.

HEAT: See Furnace Repair and Installation.

Mark Harrington of Finishing Touches 970-531-0437 ;  Daryl Troute 303-886-6642 ;
Tiger 866-844-3726; 303-342-0990

INTERNET CONNECTION: Eden Recor 627-0034 at or Comcast 888-824-4010

INSURANCE: Middle Park Agency Granby: 970-887-3323; Town and Country 970-887-3030; State Farm 970-726-9668

KENNEL: Doggie Day Care & overnight/ Pet supplies: Mountain Mongrels in Grand Lake: 970-531-0837
Four Paws Resort in Granby: 970-531-9293 ; Shauna Omlie in Fraser 970-726-8384

LANDSCAPING (see also tree section): Lynda Lindsey 303-808-4738; Bret Douglas 303-525-7677;
smaller scopes: Darrell Pritt 970-712-8095

LIBRARY: Juniper Library in Town Square offers programs year round

LOANS:  Abby McDaniel 720.626.6045 AmeriFirst Financial;
Stacey Fisher or Rich Flanery of Envoy Mortgage: 970-577-9200; SWBC Mortgage John Sessa (cell) 303-638-8585;
Terry Im at Grand Mountain Bank 970-887-1221; Wayne Crawford at US Bank: 970-453-5085.

LOCKSMITH Home & Auto: Spirit Lake Safe & Lock 970-627-3381; Surelock Security (Winter Park) 726-8190

LODGING: see Rentals

MAINTENANCE: see Handymen

Middle Park Medical Center 970-887-5800 at 1000 Granby Park Drive South;
Kremmling Memorial Hospital 970-724-3442

METAL Disposal - Darrell Pritt 970-712-8095

MOVERS: Darrell Pritt 970-712-8095; Gary Watson 970-531-5125

MUSEUMS historical: Kauffman House on Grand Lake at 407 Pitkin: 970-627-9644 ;
Grand County Museum in Hot Sulphur Springs 970-725-3939
Cozens Ranch Museum between Fraser and Winter Park 970-726-5488

NATIONAL PARK: 970-627-3471 (Ask about special presentations and seminars.)

NATIONAL FOREST (tree permits for transplanting, firewood): 970-887-4100

NATURAL GAS: Xcel Energy 800-772-7858

NEWSPAPER: 970-887-3334
Visit for news from Grand Lake to Winter Park.

PAINTING: Jim Peterson 970-627-3911 or 531-0488; also refer to handyman list

PEST CONTROL: Bryan Haught 970-725-3400 or 970-531-2329 - also, sealing against flies and bats, bees, etc;
Hilltop Home out of Steamboat: 970-879-7796

PHOTOGRAPHY: John Williams on the Boardwalk 303-501-2745; can be reached at 970-509-0433.

PICTURE FRAMING: Gary Watson 970-531-5125

PLUMBERS: B & J: 970-887-3963; Bobby at Ace Plumbing 970-627-3725; Dave of Silver Bullet 970-531-1825;
Keith at KBL: 970-627-3156;  Grand Lake Plumbing: 970-627-3441 (expensive, but they show up!)

PROPANE: Independent Gas Company 970-887-3371, Box 15, Granby;
Ferrellgas 970-887-3338, Box 145, Granby


RADON MITIGATION Nate Nowicki 303-279-7271

REAL ESTATE: Mountain Lake Properties: Donna Ready 970-627-3103;
Also ask for Will O'Donnell, Sylvia Baldwin or Lisa Simpson.
Office is near the east end of Grand Lake's boardwalk at 1133 Grand Avenue.
Send regular mail to P.O. Box 1350, Grand Lake, Colorado, 80447.
Send e-mail to
Fax Line: 970-627-3003

RECREATION DISTRICT: Golf Course/ Nordic Center for Grand Lake 970-627-8008

REMODELING: Erik Alander 970-531-8694; Bret Douglas 303-525-7677; Jake Mullinex 970-531-2541;
Rick and Donna at RHCC 970-531-7634;  Tom Goodfellow 970-531-1220; Peggy at Canyon Construction 970-531-2429.
Also see Handymen.

RENTALS Cabins, Condominiums and mini-resorts (Click on links):
Call our office about Summer Vacation Rentals- a month at a time, fully equipped,
and about Long Term rentals (6-12 months leases, usually unfurnished). These change.   features about 90 nightly/weekly rental properties in the Grand Lake area.

Nightly/Weekly, a sample of the selection, in no particular order:
Cute small cabins in town: Daven Haven and Wildwood Cottages 970-627-8144
Grand Escape Cottages by the Boardwalk, riverfront condo, homes... 970-627-3410
Columbine Cabins 970-627-0800 Full kitchens, pets welcome!
Rapids Lodge
by the river - also offering individual cabins and condominiums 970-627-3707
Black Bear Lodge (overlooking Shadow Mountain Lake) 970-627-3654
Colorado Cabin Adventures
: cabins on the Colorado River 970-509-0810 303-929-1734 (Log cabin on 7 acres)
Western Riviera Motel & Cabins, along the shore of Grand Lake, Events too: 970-627-3580
Moose Lake Lodge, Cabins by Sun Valley Lake: Stan & Rhondda Wells 303-740-7441
Grand Lake Getaways: cabins, condo: 303-980-1204
Gateway Inn at the entrance to Grand Lake: 970-627-2400
Grand Mountain Rentals (some lakefront homes) 970-627-1131 - wide selection
Inn at SilverCreek 970-887-2131; or, a beautifully finished efficiency near Granby Ranch Ski Area -
         very affordable from a private party - Fredia Price 816-674-7245 - #243171
Ski in/Ski out Condo at Sol Vista 720-529-8734 (vrbo #110608) look for Grand Lake, Colorado entries - We can email a list of many in the Grand Lake area, including
On Grand Lake: see Boat House
At Columbine Lake, see #96981 ....
In Grand Lake Village: #208124 .....

(If you own a home within Grand Lake's town limits, and you choose to rent it
on a nightly basis,
see Town of Grand Lake, nightly rental information.)

RENTAL EQUIPMENT: Indian Peaks 970-887-0404

ROAD CONDITIONS: Dial 511 on your cell phone, or call 877-315-7623    See cameras.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK 970-627-3471: open 10 miles up, year round
Recorded Is-Trail-Ridge-Road-Open? Hotline: 970-586-1222.
Ask about the many special seminars 1-800-748-7002

ROOFING: D & M /James 970-887-2987; Tony Zurn 303-748-3487;  Roof-it-Rite James Burr 970-531-3076

SATELLITE TV & INTERNET: Michael's Audio & Video: 970-726-8763
(For Internet providers, see Internet Providers.)

SCHOOLS: East Grand School District 970-887-2581; East Grand Middle School: 970-887-3382;
Middle Park High School: 970-887-2104; Granby Elementary 970-887-3312 (4 day school weeks since early '80's!)

Ask us for a copy of Time to Winterize: Tips for getting through the cold months without freezing surprises.
Both Vivent and Honeywell's wifi thermostats comes recommended.

SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN & percolation tests:
Hi-Country Soils Testing (Jed Dindinger) 970-726-5707; Randy George 970- 531-1302

SEPTIC PUMPING & testing: SaniKing 970-887-3237

SEWER: Three Lakes Water & Sanitation 970-627-3544, Box 899, Grand Lake

SHERIFF: 970-725-3343, Box 48, Hot Sulphur Springs, 80451

SHIPPING UPS: Kopy Kat 970-887-3320 (also printing, banners, laminating)

SKI AREAS: Grand Lake Nordic Center (cross country) 970-627-8008 at end of Road 48;
Winter Park & Mary Jane (downhill) 726-5514 ; (downhill) 887-3384 - just 22 minutes from Grand Lake

to purchase a snowmobile: Power World 61000 Highway 40

SNOW PLOWINGnote for Fall of 2016 : please check back for an updated list:
Craig Cranston 970-531-8842;
Bret Douglas 303-525-7677; Jake Mullinex 970-531-2541;
or Keith Everhart 970-531-0716.  Never Summer Back Hoe: Kyle Korth  970-531-3223

STORAGE UNITS: Highway 34 & The Fort Storage 970-627-0006; Mountain View Rentals 970-627-8102

SURVEYS: Warren Ward 970-531-1120; Diamondback 303-985-4204; Tim Shenk 970-887-1046

TELEPHONE: New service (residential) 1-800-244-1111; Comcast 800-266-2278; Century Link 800-651-1729.
Many property owners simply use their cell phones now.

TELEVISION equipment & repairs: Michael's Audio & Video: 970-726-8763

THEATRE: Live! Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre in Grand Lake, 800 Grand Avenue: 970-627-3421
Movies: The Foundry as you leave Fraser en route to Winter Park: 970-363-7161

TOW TRUCK:   position available

TOWN of GRAND LAKE Government: 970-627-3435, Box 99, Grand Lake
Town Planner: Joe Biller; Town Manager: Jim White

TRAIN: Amtrak (stops in Granby & Fraser) 1-800-USA-RAIL

TRANSPORTATION: Van service by Home James (as far as Denver airport) 970-726-5060

TRASH REMOVAL: Pay as you Throw is most popular. Buy special bags for $2.50 to $4 at Mountain Food Market, Circle 3,
GL Hardware, Town Hall or Chamber, fill them and drop them at the Town Shop dumpster behind the Car Wash (just southwest of the Stables).
For pick-up at your home: Trash Company 970-627-8531; Waste Management 970-725-3350. For big loads, it is affordable to take a load to the
Transfer Station in Granby at 723 County Road 612: 970-627-8531 just north of Hwy. 34/40 intersection

TREE STUMP GRINDING: Les Williams 970-744-8624; Mike Knox 970-531-7049

TREE TRANSPLANTS: Here's a valuable secret: permits for going into the National Forest with your family
and carefully digging up a few trees can be obtained at the Forest Service building
just south of Granby on Highway 40: 970-887-4100.
For new trees and more summer plants,
visit Cold Springs Greenhouse east of Granby: 970-887-3406

TRUCKING: Betty Straub 531-7416 (hauling rocks, rubbish...)

VETERINARIAN: Michael Brooks (across the road & west of Granby banks) 970-887-2417;
Shauna Omlie 970-726-8384 (offers kennel services too); Granby Vet Clinic 970-887-3848

WATER REMOVAL (post flood)
To prevent this, please shut off the water going into your home when you leave. Ask us for ideas.

WELL DRILLING: Michael at James Drilling 800-352-9017

WELL PERMITS: Colorado Division of Water Resources 303-866-3581,
818 Centennial Building, 1313 Sherman Street, Denver 80203


WINDOWS: local glass replacement Middle Park Glass in Granby 887-3886.
Pella - Alan Wolf 970-379-9379;

WINDOW CLEANING: Bruce Knight 627-9331; JAM/Patrick Brown 531-9889 (also tinting and power washing);
Ease your Panes 720-347-9728

WINDOW COVERINGS: Grand Valley Flooring 627-0146

WOOD WORK Anything That's Wood 970-887-2191; Peter Cross Custom Woodworking 970-531-2145

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Speed Index: Rentals & Lodging, Builders, Excavating, Handymen/Remodeling,
Log Homes, Real Estate, Snow Plowing, TREE Services, Well Drilling.

Consider having fun with these clubs & benevolent organizations!

They will appreciate your time and/or money, and you will meet some great folks!

Grand Arts Council Wednesday Summer Concerts at town gazebo, Tombstone Tales...

913 Park Avenue (Contact Jim Cervenka at 970-531-8117)

Grand Lake Rotary Club helps to run Bingo every Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30 pm in the Heckert Pavilion in Grand Lake’s Town Park, June to Labor Day. (Contact Larry Bacon at 970-531-5795 or

Grand Lake Area Historical Society offers the Kauffman House Museum at 407 Pitkin along Grand Lake's beach by the Snack Bar (open summer days from 11am to 5pm) & the Smith-Eslick Cottage Court (one of the original motor courts in the United States) 970-627-8324 970-627-3402 appreciates enthusiastic volunteers. 970-627-5087, our Live summer Theatre, features paid professionals from out of state on the stage & loves to have assistance from volunteers behind the scenes. Marvel at the Theatre at 800 Grand Avenue!

Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club! 

Dinner rides, long trips… a safe & entertaining way to explore the deep snow!

Independent Sports Club donations support the youth of Grand County through education, athletic and social experiences.

Juniper Library in the Town Square offers programs year round 970-627-8353

Looking for more activities? Fun places include: 970-627-8008(golf, nordic center, restaurant)1415Road48

Rocky Mountain National Park 970-627-3471

YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch 970-887-2152

Fraser Valley Recreation Center 970-726-8968

Foundry Movie Theatre & Bowling in Winter Park 970-363-7161