Behind the Scenes Keyhole View of Grand County

Although the Grand Lake area receives many visitors, the town atmosphere is
that of a small town. Grand Lake is at the end of a scenic road. During the summer,
one can reach Grand Lake from Winter Park to the south, or via Rocky Mountain
National Park to the north. During the winter, the high tundra road in Rocky Mountain
National Park is closed and Grand Lake is like a hidden gem, at the end of a trail.

Life in a small town is in many ways less complicated and more enjoyable than big
city or suburban life. School choice is not an issue; we have one school system and
everyone makes sure that it works very well. Serious crime is a rarity, and most anyone
involved in petty crimes is soon caught. A number of years ago a police report stated
that a glove had been found in main street! And this was printed in our local paper!

Government, civil and volunteer workers all take on a familiar and friendly face.
This is our town, and we care about it. We don't have malls; we have few franchises
and very few outside owners. Shopping is easy; a quick drive down main street and
back takes care of your daily needs. Many residents of the Grand Lake area do business
or work in the nearby towns of Granby, Fraser and Winter Park. Each of these towns
has a simple main street layout with convenient shopping, and if you live here,
you'll never have to use your ID!

For less frequent purchases, the Denver/Boulder area is less than two hours away.
And of course there is package delivery for almost anything in catalogs and online.
Recent improvements in our rural phone systems, utilities and satellite TV have brought
the world to the Grand Lake area. But we can turn it all off with the flick of a switch
and enjoy our pristine alpine environment just as it is.

Move to Grand County, the Island in the Rockies!
We can arrange for you to personally tour our schools and meet
with teachers. Send us an e-mail to
with your children's ages and an estimate of when you'll be in
Grand County.
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