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Jet Skis are popular on all three of our Great Lakes. Lake Granby is especially large (3rd largest lake in Colorado),
with lots of hidden coves with smooth water. Set out in the morning on a sheen of glass ... perfect for wakeboarding, waterskiing and wakesurfing.
The Largest unnatural lake in Colorado is the John Martin Reservoir way-off in the southeast plains of Colorado with 9500 acres of bird sanctuary.
2nd place goes to the 9180 acres of the rather long and stretched out Blue Mesa Reservoir southwest of Gunnison.
Lake Granby fills in with about 7250 surface acre of water. She is poised 800 feet higher than Blue Mesa and within a two to three hour drive of the
vast majority of Colorado's population (eking out a living at the mere edge of the Rockies. Now you can live and work most anywhere; put your hotspot on your boat).
The Largest Natural Lake in Colorado is Grand Lake. Above it in most every direction are small alpine lakes, mostly in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Lake Granby receives an enormous amount of pristine snowmelt from the high The National Park lands and Wilderness Areas around it.
She also receives an additional boost from Willow Creek Reservoir and the Windy Gap Reservoir, all of which makes fishing very interesting here.
When you drive over Berthoud Pass, some of the impressive snow you see makes it into the Fraser River and then is pumped up to Lake Granby
from the Windy Gap Reservoir along the Fraser River. If you live anywhere near Boulder or Fort Collins, some of your water may
come from Lake Granby. That's a long story, all downhill from here. Lake Granby is drawn down during the long winter and looks her most
exposed and bare when she thaws in May. Fresh mountain runoff makes the water feel very clean. From June through July, she rises a tiny bit each day
and spreads out into what may have been a nice beach for the 4th of July. By Fall, her bare parts are covered with water and garlanded with new plants. 
The Fall cycle starts with each cool morning's approach to winter. Sprites dance on her skin and everything close-in is befogged; fairly-like ice crystals adorning the plants.

This tent site is within the Stillwater Campground by Lake Granby. There also full-service sites RVs and a paved boat launch. This campground
is conveniently located along Highway 34 along the western shore of Lake Granby. From here, you can launch your boat and have private boat
camping along the many miles of shoreline to the east.

From Arapaho Bay at the eastern most reach of Lake Granby, you have close up views of 13,500 feet high Arapaho Peak.
With a kayak, one can paddle up Arapaho Creek to below Monarch Lake. There is a boat ramp here and also a large National Recreation Area Campground
that is close to trailheads that will take you deep into the wetter and less visited Grand County side of  The Indian Peaks Wilderness.
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