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Our early November Journey begins at Monarch Lake, shown above
with Arapaho Peak in the distance at dawn. Monarch Lake is just
past the eastern most reach of Lake Granby in the Indian Peaks Wilderness
on the west side of the Continental Divide in Grand County, Colorado USA.

Our destination in this series is 8 miles in and about 2000 feet higher
than the trailhead. The short days of November do not provide much
time to make the 16 mile round trip and the snow can be considerably
deep making the journey difficult if not impossible. We should have
started in darkness, but last minute preparations for being away from work
consumed precious time. We managed to time the trip on a heavenly day
with just a few inches of snow on the lower elevations to cushion our feet.

*When you start at Monarch Lake, you take the main left trail around the
North Shore of the lake to meet the Cascade/Buchanan Creek Trail
(far off to the left in the photo above).

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