Stream at Cats Lair. The powerful current here has the combined flow
from both sides of Mount Baldy, the Paradise Park stream and the
northern fork that comes from the five lakes (Lone Pine, Verna, Spirit,
4th and 5th Lake). Scroll down to see a waterfall from a side stream
a short ways along the trail past Cats Lair.

Scroll down to see part of the Jay Rock area just below Lone Pine Lake.
Click on a photo for a quick tour around Lone Pine Lake.

Scroll down to see our route up Mount Baldy as seen from the Jay Rock area.
Jay Rock is actually an island with the stream running on both sides of it.

As you can see, there are imposing cliffs along the base of Mount Baldy.
Further up, the route looks steep but quite doable.

This is a morning view of the "route". We picked a place farther to
the left that had trees and carefully worked our way up.

Click on a photo for a quick tour around Lone Pine Lake a short ways ahead.
We will then continue the climb from the top of the first major rock shelf.

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