Timber Lake. Scroll down for a grand view and a map. Click on a photo
for a full tour to this destination and higher. Journey to Timber Lake and top
of Mount Ida.
Some people say this is their favorite trail on the Grand Lake side
of Rocky Mountain National Park. The images here are from June 18,of 2007.
For 2008, we expect there to be quite a bit more snow. It is not a difficult hike,
but deep snow early in the season or thunderstorms during the sultry days of
August can turn a simple adventure into a challenge. After completing this trip,
we got too busy to create its presentation. We have therefore waited until May
ot 2008 to share these images and to whet your appetite for a fantastic summer
with an amazing bloom of wildflowers, thanks to all of the snow we have received.
Scroll down for images and a map.Click on a photo to start the tour from the trailhead,
ten miles up the Kawuneeche valley from Grand Lake, just before the gate where
Trail Ridge Road makes its climb from 9,000 feet to over 12,000 feet.

Grand View over Big Meadow, Shadow Mountain Lake, Lake Granby
and beyond to the snowy peaks along the south rim of Grand County.
Scroll down for a map of the route we will from Timber Lake to Mt. Ida.

Click on map to start at the trailhead, 5 hiking miles below Timber Lake.
The remaining distance, without a trail, from Timber Lake to the top of
Mount Ida shown here is about a mile and a half long, each way.
If the weather is fair and you are in good physical shape, it is an
option to consider doing.

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