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View of 13,500' Arapaho Peak from Strawberry Lake. Click on photo to see the beginning of the trail
to here. This is a perfect hike for young families to spectacular Colorado scenery. The drive to the
unmarked "trailhead" is along the beautiful south shoreline of Lake Granby. Scroll down for maps.
The actual hike is at most an hour (one way), even if you take your time and enjoy the little creek
that runs along much of the trail. The trail is rocky and uphill, so wear good shoes. The huge meadow
by the lake can be wet, so you might consider bringing extra socks or waders if your children cannot
resist getting wet. The trail is not necessarily maintained. Trees have fallen across the path.

Map above shows you the eastern most reach of Lake Granby near Monarch Lake.
You will park at a slightly wide part of the road on the lake side just before you
get to the Arapaho Bay and about a half mile before the bridge that crosses Arapaho
creek to the over the other side of the Lake Granby where there is a large National
Recreation Area campground and also a boat launch. Scroll down for more info.
The trail to Strawberry Lake and Strawberry bench is lightly dotted on the maps.

This map shows the high peaks of the Indian Peaks Wilderness framing the
Continental Divide. The GPS coordinates for where it says Park Here are
40º 7.53' North and 105º 46.56' West. Click on a map or photo to see parts
of the trail to the amazing Strawberry Bench. Scroll down to see some of the fine
scenery as you drive to the trailhead along the long south shore of Lake Granby.

June, 2010 view of the Abraham Lincoln reposing along the Continental Divide. This is a little past where one crosses
over the high dam that blocks the Colorado River to make Lake Granby. The water is well over a hundred feet deep here.
From here one drives over a dike and then continues along the shoreline for as far as one can see and bit more along the
south side. If you go too far, you'll arrive at the small bridge that crosses Arapaho Creek with the fine view shown below.
Beyond the bridge is a large campground with a boat launch and a few facilities but no gas or restaurants.

Arapaho Peak towering over its creek. Click on photo to start on the trail to Strawberry Lake, a short ways
before the road crosses the creek here.


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