In the distance is a wide portion of Lake Granby and the southern end
of Shadow Mountain Lake and its islands. Scroll down to see the inviting
final ascent to the top of Mount Patterson.

Scroll down for five more views. Click on a photo to go a little higher.

Shown above, view to the east. Shown below, view to the west.
Scroll down for three more images. Click on a photo to go higher.

"When in doubt, go higher." This photo looks like a motivational poster
for that line. I am not sure of its origin. It is the motto of the Mountain Gazette.
Although the weather looks benign in these photos, the wind was
blasting at a constant 70 mph on top of Mount Patterson. In some of
the tree breaks, one could get almost completely out of the wind and
light a match even. On the same day, there were fierce wind gusts in
Grand Lake Village in the afternoon and deep in the night. Trees snapped
and fell on powerlines. Several fires were caused by live wires and
damaged transformers. The fire department was able to respond quickly
and prevent any catastrophes. Click on a photo to go higher.

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