Scroll down to walk to the far end and look back.

Scroll down to go higher.

This water splashing on the rock is a short ways up the ridge.
It is near your last chance to refill water bottles on the way up.
Click on a photo to reach the rim of the altiplano on top.

Click on photo to ascend to the high ridge and look back down. Our route
is between the large snowfields and then a bit to the left near the top.
Watch your footing with every step. Avoid the rubble as much as possible.
When going as a group, stay very close together because you will accidentally
dislodge rocks. A rock rolling just the distance from your hands to your
feet can be dangerous. Listen for natural avalanches and expect them,
especially after a recent heavy rainfall. Have an escape route in mind,
to give you an extra second to react. Click on the photo to see the rewarding
vistas on top.

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