Scroll far down the page to see everything.

Scroll down for a view down Grand Lake's main street from the open patio by the owner's quarters to the upper right.

Terrace Inn, along the brand new boardwalk across from our Live Theater!
Currently a bed and breakfast built into the rock with 3 guest rooms (each with a private bath),
one bedroom apartment where the chef lives and a 2 bedroom, 2 bath owner's home with fireplace,
private patio and separate office. Restaurant/bar seats 24 in a cozy, intimate setting.  $650,000
#813 Grand Avenue. Town of Grand Lake: Lot 12, Block 13.  R145590

View to Mount Baldy down Grand Lake's main street.  Scroll down to see the dining area of the Restaurant below this balcony.

The brand new boardwalk runs right along the restaurant/bar area.
Scroll down to see the inner patio - a great location for summer parties and a back bar waiting area.

Patrons can come up an interior flight of steps and pop out into this secret back patio.  Scroll down to walk to the grill and look back.

To the left is an apartment currently occupied by the Terrace Inn's live-in chef  (don't we all wish we had one).
The door directly past the silver refrigerator leads to a half flight of steps down to the kitchen located midway between the patio and the dining room.
The door farthest in leads to three bed and breakfast rooms, each with private bath, and to interior stone steps to the open balcony along the boardwalk.
Scroll down to walk across the patio and down into the kitchen.

Scroll down to see one of the rooms available for guests who wish to spend the night after having a fine meal and fun in Grand Lake.

Rooms with personality! Scroll down to see this bedroom's private bath and also a continuation of the stone work on the far side of the wall.

Scroll down to step out of the room and into a hallway leading to a variety of places to explore.

  The next photo takes you up the stone stairway to the patio overlooking the boardwalk and Grand Lake's main street.

Click on photo to visit the owner's quarters to the right.  The room to the left currently serves as an office overlooking the boardwalk and offers lots of morning sunshine!


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