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Scroll down to see the lake and mountain views from the covered deck on the far side.

Shadow Park West condominium overlooking both Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake.
Wood-burning fireplace, covered deck. Two bedrooms, 1 baths. Everything on one convenient level.
$205,000  Shadow Park West (second building, upper left) #114 Tall Pine Circle #5-C.  R143990

Scroll down to see from below, the condominium with these views. 

Click on photo to step into the upper right dwelling. Scroll down to see Grand Lake and Mount Baldy from the upper deck.

Scroll down to see the walking path on the lake side of the condominium below its deck.

You can enjoy walking along the community terrace that wraps around the hill.  Continue walking and one can quickly get to Sloopy's Grill.
With the help of a bicycle or pleasant weather, one can ride or walk from here to lakeside parks and restaurants in Grand Lake Village.
Click on photo to see inside the condominium perched on this scenic hill.


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