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Click on photo to see inside. Scroll down to see the many different aspects of just the exterior of the property and its additional cabins, outbuildings and suspended boulders.

Fixer upper property with lake views, just a block from Town Square!
$289,000 for one older home and three primitive cabins from Grand Lake's past.
Land size is extra deep - 100 by 170 feet, just under a half acre!.
#935 Mountain Avenue.  Lots 1-2, Block 8  (+ 100'x21' of vacated Patterson Street).  R146840

The property also includes the three small cabins shown here and a rock garden that matches our mountains!
Scroll down to see the far side the cabin in the middle.

Scroll down to see the backside of the large cabin. When you click on a photo you'll be shown inside the main cabin and then further down, the interior of the cabin with the skis.

Main cabin is perched on a hill to give one view of the mountains rising across from Grand Lake and some view of the lake.
Scroll down for a closer view of the back entrance and a view of the home from the far corner from here.

Scroll down to see the home from its left corner down the hill a bit. The bright high area in the middle left of the photo is Grand Lake.

Click on photo to see inside. Scroll down to see the whole cluster of cabins from the road frontage to the left.

The property includes the home to the right, a garage (in poor shape) in front to the left, good storage cabin behind the garage plus
the lived-in cabin on top of the hill and a little storage cabin by it and the rock garden way up in back.


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