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Year-round turn key business! This 3 bay self-serve Car Wash has been and can be a great business opportunity.
It is the only one in town and is located near the Western Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park by
Grand Lake, Colorado. The car wash is less than 1/4 mile from the Lake. This property could also be used
for a rental business for kayaks, mountain bikes, scooters, row boats, jet skis and more in addition to the
winter sports equipment potential. Built in 1991, the 3 bay car wash has radiant heated floors in a
1,200 square foot structure on 1/3 of an acre.  $229,000
Grand Lake Estates 2nd filing: Lot 7, Block 12.  R146890

The open field and single story structures across the street leave the mountain views open.  Mount Baldy rises over the modular to the right in the photo.

Hot water heater has only been in use for about a year.
Air compressor was new a year ago.
Maintenance room heater, just over a year old, keeps the room between 50 and 60 degrees in the cold months.
Boiler was cleaned and serviced by B&J Plumbing from Granby. It efficiently heats the bay floor.
Two of the high pressure hoses were replaced. Napa in Granby is a good quality supplier.
Both are high pressure hydraulic hoses so should last in a car wash for many years if kept out of the sun.
Bay 1 and 2 had pumps rebuilt and off loaders replaced; seals had dried out from sitting unused for 5 years.
Replaced the internal workings of the bill changer and the credit card machine parts in bay 3.
A couple of months worth of chemicals is in stock on site so there is no rush to go get some.

(Photos are from our archives, since it is now cleaned up and these are old summer shots.)

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