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Fall view from our archives.  Scroll down for more views by the ground level unit featured here.

Shadow Park West condominium with grand views of Grand Lake, Mount Baldy and Shadow Mountain Lake.
Ground level two bedroom, 1 bath dwelling with easy walk-in, walk out areas to distinctive Building #10.
Attractive natural gas fireplace in living room. Furnished at  $229,000.
#158 Tall Pine Circle.  Shadow Park West: F-10. R146980

Scroll down for a recent winter view from the parking area in back. Click on a photo to see inside the condominium with this setting.

A Great White Mountain, Mount Baldy, (Mount Craig) shines across the lake. Snow showers veil her face.
Scroll down for more summer views from the terrace in front of the building to the right.
The car shows your parking space.  The snow to the right is over the covered entrance.

Click on a view to see inside the condominium with this setting.


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