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Scroll down to walk closer to the irrigation stream. Click on a photo for winter scenes emphasizing the surrounding high peaks; they appear to be twice as close in the winter.

Relax with the sounds of a summer stream while you gaze across the valley over Lake Granby to an array of high peaks from your
peaceful "5 acres" with views of Lake Granby. Land has an amphitheater shape with the stream wrapping around a ridge for your
home and driveway. Snowmobile and ATV directly onto National Forest trails that start one third of a mile away and extend deep
into Arapaho National Forest.In the winter, one can snowmobile all the way to Grand Lake Village. $189,900 
Stillwater Small Tracts: Lots 30-31.  Scroll down for maps.

Scroll down for another view of the stream and the "amphitheater". The Red Top irrigation stream, one of Grand County's oldest and largest,
rushes just inside the east edge of the property in June and July. In August, the water is effectively turned off and the large hay meadows
dry out with the first hints of fall heralding the end of summer.  The home site is located upstream of large and green ranches that one drives past (in part) en route to the land.

One can choose to build at the top of the ridge where there are lake views as shown below. Add a gazebo near the stream!
Scroll down for maps of the area and more. Click on a photo for more lake and mountain views from the top of the ridge.
Photo above partly shows the amphitheater shape that accentuates the sounds of the water in June and July. Scroll down to see part of the lake view ....

Scroll down to see more to the right. This is one of those hilltop locations that gives one a view of the mountains that form a high rim
around Grand County and give it the sense of being an Island in the Rockies with a rampart of mountains topped with clouds all around.

Scroll down for maps of the setting.

Scroll down for a wider view of the setting. The blue-green area outlines the overall 5 acres reaching the irrigation stream.
Part of the acreage crosses Road 4 and a power line easement. There is ample room in the eastern three-quarters
for a spacious home, driveways, detached garage(s), all you need. You'll love the lake views as well as the solitude by the stream.
The middle of the 5 acres has a large circular driveway.  Click here for photos from the western half that stretches across to both sides of paved Road 4 to the National Forest.

Scroll down for another view of the impressive stream that rushes by in June and July.

Watermelon boats! Even when the stream is not running,
it is an interesting place for children to be in a world of their own as shown below.

Scroll down to see the stream running fast.

Scroll down for more views across the land.

Scroll down for views from near the land's access from paved Road 4.

Scroll down to see wildlife on the far side of the road.

This is looking westward across the western portion bisected by the road. Click on photo for winter views showing the high peaks framed along the horizon.
Scroll down for another view of the stream from the top of the amphitheater.

Morning view with the first gleams of sunlight on the water.


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