Scroll down each page that opens to see everything.

Scroll down for a wider view.

Scroll down to look across the slightly sunken meadow directly ahead.

Scroll down to see this lush area as a Springtime pond full of snowmelt.

View to the far north-east into Rocky Mountain National Park across a pond that appears each Spring. Scroll down to see closer mountains in the Arapaho National Forest to the left.
Click on a photo to see inside the home with this amazing setting.

View to Never Summer Mountains. Scroll down to see more of the mountains to the left which are open to snowmobile and ATV use.

In the foreground are trees that have been added to the landscaping. Scroll down to see this area in the summer time.

Scroll down to see the lush meadow just beyond the property to the west.

Scroll down to see an old barn visible from the near the 21 acres' southeast corner.

Scroll down for winter views of  Big and Little Gravel Mountain off to the far west.

Scroll down to turn to the left and see Lake Granby and Byers Peak from the deck.

Further to the left and directly below is the lovely rock garden with its pools and waterfall. Click on a photo to see the home's Great Room.
Scroll down for a view to the west from the deck.

Scroll down for a summer view around the bend. Click on photo to see inside the home with this setting.

Scroll down for another views across the land.

To the left in the scene above is the low area that becomes a little pond in the Spring. Click on photo to see inside the home with this setting.


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