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Scroll down for amazing views and to see the rock formations. Click on a photo for winter views.

Your very own private mountain top like location in the heart of the Great Lakes of the Rockies.
Panoramic lake and mountain views plus million year old rock formations!
Interesting saddle setting for your dream home. $159,000
Mountain Shadows Estates: Lot M-30  #590 Mackinaw Drive

Scroll down for a wide view of the rock formation on the land.

Scroll down to see the lake view continued to the far right.

Check back soon and we will show you Lake Granby filling in the lower lands. Scroll down to sweep across the landscape to the far right (northwest).

Scroll down to look back to the rock formation. Click on photo to transform the view above with snow.

Scroll down to see how the road curves around the land.

Mountain Lake Property puts a spring in your step! Scroll down for a map of the setting.

Scroll down for a wide view of the surroundings for the 2 acres outlined in blue.

Click on map for a winter view towards the Never Summers Mountains in the northwest.


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