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The main store is sandwiched between the tall maintenance garage to the far left and the living quarters at the opposite end. 

This is and will be the only marina on Shadow Mountain Lake! It serves both Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake
and includes over 100 boat slips plus moorings. The main building has a large service bay for working on two boats at a time.
The middle part of the building has a large customer greeting area and a long covered porch (see photo below).
Food and restaurant service could possibly be developed. The northern end of the building might be used as a small
year-round family dwelling.  $1,495,000
Cairns Shadow Mountain: Lot  9, Block 1. R182400.  Located along Hwy 34, about 2 miles south of Grand Lake.
The Forest Service is not giving our any more permits so you will not have competition.

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