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Scroll down to to see more downstream, to the left.  Maps below show the land's proximity to the river and its long greenbelt.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Colorado River from this half-acre home site across
a private road from a long greenbelt protecting the river. You have access to a third of a mile
for fishing and exploring along the stream; this stretch in Mountain Meadows is wild and natural.
Live through the seasons with the river accentuating each month in special ways.  Select how far
up the hill you would like to build to optimize your views of river, ranch land and mountain.
Drill a well for water. Connect to sewer in the road below you.  $79,500
#282 Road 464 (Riverview Road).  Mountain Meadows: Lot 17, Block 1.  R177410

Scroll down to look up at the land from its road frontage.

Scroll down for maps of the setting.

Blue outline around the half-acre shows how its proximity to the river. The thin stream flowing down from the upper left corner is the South Supply Creek
bringing in snow-melt from National Forest rising to tundra to the northwest. Scroll down for a wide view showing Shadow Mountain Lake to the east.

Scroll down for two views of the riparian environment directly across Road 464 from the home site outlined in blue.

Scroll down to see one of the pools in the greebelt by the river.

Scroll up to the top to return to the views from the home site's elevated position.

When you live in this environment you share it with an immense river ecosystem that has its daily moods and its greatly varying seasonal moods.
Scrolls down for winter views of the ecosystem.

Scroll down to look down the Colorado River.

Scroll down to look across the willows from close to the home site.

Scroll back up to change seasons.  Come and visit; listen to the river and follow her rhythms through each month of the year.
Join in the larger symphony as the seasons change in Grand County, Colorado.


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