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Home with new 60' x 30' garage just now being completed on almost an acre of land conveniently located across Hwy. 34
from Lake Granby's Rainbow bay.  The lake will charm you through the year with its many moods.  One has protected views
across the water to snowy peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park and the rugged Indian Peaks. Worlds apart from Denver
yet less than two hours away with all the room you need for seasonal toys and activities. Three bedrooms, bath on each level. 
1700 sq. ft. home plus new 1800 sq. ft. garage with 960 sq. ft. of unfinished attic storage in the new garage.   $395,000
Scanloch: Lot 7, Block 14. #5653 Highway 34. Granby, CO  80446  R101570
Almost an acre: 0.97 acre.
Land has 228' along its east lake side.
Property line alone the south side runs for 167 feet
to the back west side that runs for almost 298 feet. 
Property has 150 feet of depth along its northern side.
Behind the garage one has a fire ring with long views of the lake,
perfect for soaking in the long days of summer.

Scroll down to see Lake Granby from the home.

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Scroll down to see the lake from the fire ring above and behind the garage.

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Click on photo to see inside the home that comes with this garage.

Beyond the home one can see Lake Granby.  The shed with the semi-transparent roof also comes with the property.

During cool mornings, mists and sprites rise from the surface of the lake. Scroll down to head out on a boat.

A lady of the lake calls one out onto her surface.

Click on water to see inside the home with lake adventure a few paddle strokes away.

Home after a fresh April snowfall. Scroll down to see Lake Granby captured at the same moment. Click on home to see inside.

Boating season gets a bit longer each year, especially if one has a kayak.  A short ways to the right,  Fraser River water gets discharged
into Lake Granby from the Windy Gap project. One can often seen fishermen taking advantage of the stirred up waters.

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