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Sloopy's Grill is where the action is! At the west entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, you catch Park visitors,
coming and going, and tourists who stop to watch the moose in the willows by the property.
Snowmobilers heading out to the 100 miles of groomed trails come right by Sloopy's!
Locals love the wide menu selection and the offering of beer and wine on site. Lots of parking. $499,000
#39 Road 48 (corner of Hwy 34 and Golf Course Road). Shadow Park West: Lot 1, Block 2.  R147100

Customers enjoy views of Mount Baldy from the edge of The National Park. Scroll down to see the ordering counter.  Click on a photo for more views from inside and the kitchen.

Beyond the windows one looks into National Park habitat for moose and elk. Scroll down for a winter scene.

Snowmobilers stop along the groomed trail system for warmth and refreshments. Scroll down to see the restaurant from the far side of the highway

Sloopy's Grill is the last food stop for a great many miles.  The brown sign says "Entering Rocky Mountain National Park."

Scroll down to see the view as one steps out of the restaurant.

As the sun rises further over Mount Baldy, its western face shines and then casts an alpenglow at sunset.
Click on scene for more views inside the restaurant.


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