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Scroll down to look across the land from the left (NE) corner of the land by its road frontage curving across the middle of the picture.

Home site close to Lake Granby and just two miles from snowmobile trails in the National Forest.
Quarter acre.  Drill a well for water.  The rest of the utilities run along the property.   $15,000
#128 GCR 4033 (Mackinaw Road).  Colorado Anglers Club, #1 Bldg Ph 2, Lot 2, Block 5. R304714

Scroll down to walk up the road a little and look back.

Scroll down for winter views looking back from the underground utility boxes to the right.

Grand County snows heaped like whipped cream.

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The car is along the home site's road frontage.  Further to the right is paved County Road 4.  It meets Hwy 34 a short ways down the hill
from which one has attractions in either direction from boat launches to parks around our Great Lakes. 
The opposite direction up County Road 4, further up the hill, takes one around through "Idle Glenn" and then onward another mile to National Forest trails.

Come see the white roads of Grand County.


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