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Scroll down to see the lake views from the big covered deck.

Wrap-around views of Lake Granby from a scenic point in Mountain Shadows.
Grand home with cathedral ceilings and everything on one level.
Master bedroom suite in the east wing, two bedrooms plus a 2nd office in the west wing.
Impressive architectural design with unique furnishings that fit right in.
Over 2500 sq. ft. plus double garage and covered decks.
2.8 acres of land.    $799,000.
#984 Rocky Mountain Drive.  Mountain Shadows Estates: ph3, Lot M-22.  R205190

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Tap on door to step inside. Scroll down for another view of the home's lakeside.

Scroll down to walk down to the home's lower property line and see the boats moored at a marina. 

Scroll down for a good view of the acreage around the home.

The property includes much of the open field plus the home to the left.  Scroll down for a map showing the home's setting.

The home's 2.8 acres are shaded in pink. Beyond the upper left corner of the map is an intersection of Road 64 with Highway 34,
about 5 miles south of Grand Lake.  Some of the land has a trees, some is open meadow as shown below.

Scroll down to see part of the home's wooded back yard.

Click on corral to step into the home with this setting.


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