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View of the home from across the river. Click on photo to see inside. Scroll down for a map of the setting and to see the river from the home and yard.

Charming riverfront lodge in town, dates back to the turn of the last century. Large room along the river features a huge fireplace.
One third of an acre just a block off Grand Lake's boardwalk and two blocks from the beach. 2000 sq. ft. with bedrooms upstairs,
baths on each level. $550,000 
See map below for location.   Lots 16 and 17, and part of Lot 15, Block 1, Sunnyside Addition.  R146120

Scroll down to look upstream.

One lives by the river seeing how the lights and shadows play over its surface. As the river comes alive from May to June, the channel above
becomes white and frothy.  In the Fall, the river settles down into a more relaxed and musical state. Come winter, the channel becomes white again,
sculpted with snow with a few holes from which deep sounds emanate from snow caves carved by the river and its steam. Scroll down for a map.  

The home and its land by the river are outlined in blue. Scroll down for views of the River opening up in March.

View of the river from an upper bedroom balcony. Scroll down to see the river from the yard.

Scroll down to see more of the yard.

Scroll down for two more views of the home.

Home has gingerbread at the top of the gable. Scroll down for a winter view of the home. Click on a photo for a peek inside.

Click on photo for a peek inside. Owners have just started spring cleaning and moving things around.
Call our office, Mountain Lake Properties at 970-627-3103 to personally see inside.


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