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Scroll down for more views into the National Park land directly ahead. Mount Baldy looms in the distance.

Columbine Lake area home site bordering Rocky Mountain National Park.
Level and ready to build on. All of the desired utilities can be quickly tapped into.
Pay water and sewer taps when you are ready to build.  In the meantime, visit your land,
enjoy the community clubhouse and pool, take a paddleboat for two out onto the lake.
Your family will love the ambiance of Columbine Lake.  $65,000
#197 Alpine Circle.  Lot 22, Block 3.  1/5th of an acre. R152190

Scroll down for another view of the National Park boundary marker, shown above as a white vertical strip.

The blue ribbon shows the land's southeast corner. Further to the east one has Rocky Mountain National Park land to Hwy 34 and on across the the Highway. 
(A shortcut by foot will quickly get one to Sloopy's snack bar as a reward for going out for a scroll.)  The vertical sign says, US Boundary NPS.
Scroll down to look back towards the land's road frontage along Alpine Circle where it is level for a driveway. 

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