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2.8 acres overlooking Trail Creek Valley. You'll love the seasons as the valley comes alive and imbues the air
with new growth from aspen, pine and columbines gathered in the shade of trees.
Clouds spawned from the surrounding peaks look close enough to touch.
To the north, National Forest lands beckon with stream banks and snowfields blooming with wild flowers.
Add your plans for a mountain getaway and you'll be on your way to making fond memories in your dream home.
A driveway has been started and a water well has been set at the top of the property.  $139,000
#747 Road 413  (Arapaho)   R027470

The snowy mountains can be reached by snowmobile in  the winter starting from a National Forest access at the bottom of the valley.

The green border outlines the 2.8 acres accessed from Road 413.  Scroll down for a wide map showing Road 41 heading to Lake Granby and Highway 34.

The home site featured here is near the top left corner of the map.  Scroll down for a view looking at the site from a northerly direction.

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You'll love seeing the lights and shadow move across the land. Scroll down to see the well that has been seen at the top of the property.

The first step for construction, getting a well drilling rig in has been completed. Scroll back up to see the maps of the setting..


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