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In the foreground to the right is the original owner's home and office. The two story building in the center is the service station and convenience store
with two full sized apartments above. All of the rest of the structures are set back to the right to make a convenient U-shaped pattern which
gives one good visibility of the entire complex from almost any location. Scroll down for details and many more views from outside.

Log-sided Motel Lodge, Gas Station with full service bay and convenience store.
Three spacious apartments plus 17 nightly rental units. Everything is meticulously upgraded
and maintained with mountain living charm. Main street location in the heart of Grand Lake Village.
Most of the units are ground level with ample parking by the door and enough covered space
in front of each unit to create a private-feeling porch that gives one protection from the weather
and keeps the building's log siding out of the elements. Part of the exterior wall has an
accordion-like shape which makes the units more interesting from both inside and outside.
#712-720 Grand Avenue.  $1,795,000
Lots 3,4,5 Block 19.  R145620.

Scroll down to step back and see the end part of the long single story L-shape motel off to the right.

Scroll down to turn around for a close views of the many walk-in units.

Scroll down to step back and for more views of the exterior of the large property.

Close up of the exterior of nightly rentals with their big and protective overhang. Scroll down to look across to the right. Click on a photo to see inside.

Scroll down to see the view of Mount Baldy (in the distance from the far side of the apartment in the middle of the big building.

View of Mount Baldy from the covered deck of Apartment #2. Scroll down to see the service station from its road frontage.

Scroll down to see the setting from a little further back.

A winter view down Grand Lake's main street as you pull into Grand Lake Village. The Lodge and Service Station are the two main
structures in the middle; the rest of the property is mostly hidden to the right. The large structure in the foreground is Grand Lake Hardware.
The next large structure down the street is the live theater building for Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre. Scroll down for a close view of
the main building to see the apartments and service station.

Scroll down for a late fall view into The U.

The U-shape design makes it easy for everyone to feel part of the group (and to cooperate). Scroll down to drive in and look back at the main structure.

Scroll down for a view along the single-story nightly rental units.

Click on photo to see inside examples of the 17 nightly-rental units. We will then show you the three apartments for longer term rentals or your own use.

The design throughout is open to a wide range of uses from lodging to dance studio to you-name-it (with town approval).
Enjoy the fine view of Mount Baldy from your residence, or rent it out. In addition to the commercial service station area,
there are 3 apartments with full kitchens plus 17 attractive rooms for overnight lodging, many of which have interior private bedrooms.
All of the rooms have space for at least two large beds. Scroll down for specifics.

Upper level Apartment #1: two bedrooms, 1 baths, covered deck overlooking the nightly rentals.
Upper level Apartment #2: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, covered deck with amazing view of Mount Baldy.
The owner's original apartment and office on the ground level has a fireplace, a private bedroom and a full kitchen (which can be locked off).
There is also full height storage space under the original apartment/home.

The back portion of the main building has 4 large nightly rental units. (#15 thru 18, two up, two down).

Ground Level Unit #14 has a private interior bedroom in addition to the open sleeping and relaxing area in the main room.
Very similar to #14 (shown in the photos) are #12, 11, 10, 9, 6, 4 and 2.

#8, 7, 3 and 1 have a single open bedroom.

#5 has two beds; its bath sink is in the main room.

The fuel station and garage has a main bay with a lift, tire service and balancing.
There is also a second garage for marine service, snowmobile rental, ATV service, you name it.
In a corner of the property, there is a three-tier corner deck for socializing and barbeques in the summer.

The entire property has mainly been run for the last 18 years by just two full time people.
Ideally, a large and extended "family" will move in with each family member dedicated to specific tasks and opportunities.
With more help, expect more revenue!
There is room to bring in as much help as you wish.
Live on site and be your own boss.
Give your children both a wonderful and safe place to grow up and at the same time they get 
daily lessons on what it takes to work with customers and run a business.
They will be ready to take on the whole world.

Whether your heritage is Indian, Gujarati, Nepalese or plain American mongrel,
this is your opportunity to live as though you were at the feet of the Himalayas
and yet have all of the advantages of living in the USA and Colorado's clean alpine environment.
Your very own patel citadel high in the Rockies!

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